Using the Best Hot Sauces like Criolla, Rocoto, & Charapita Like a Pro

Hot sauce has become an essential condiment in homes around the world. Beyond adding spice, the right sauces can truly elevate any dish with complex layers of bold flavor. Yet, with endless options cramming store shelves today, it's easy to feel overwhelmed choosing the best specialty bottles. Fear not, for I'm here today to introduce you to some truly unique hot sauces from IT SAUCE that will take your cooking to new heights.

Situated in a Wisconsin kitchen, the chef at IT SAUCE craft award-winning sauces highlighting the unique and very rare peppers from around the sphere. Within this crisp handbook, I'll take you on a flavor exploration of IT Sauce's flagship sauces - Criolla, Rocoto, and Aji Charapita - to understand their unique foundations. I'll then reveal top tips straight from industry pros on versatile uses and featured recipes. So, let's talk about how to use these specialty sauces to elevate every mealtime.

"The spice is right, so roll up your sleeves - it's time to level up our hot sauce game!"
Let's Understand the Flavors of Our Best Hot Sauces
We craft hot sauces with rare peppers to deliver nuanced spice. Our flagship sauces are:

1. Criolla Hot Sauce: It is made from Criolla peppers native to the Andes. With notes of mango and citrus, it features the perfect harmony between heat and tangy sweetness.

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2. Rocoto Hot Sauce is crafted from the Rocoto peppers known for their apple and cinnamon aromas. From 30,000-100,000 SHU, it jam-packs robust flavor in a medium-heat profile.

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3. Aji Charapita Hot Sauce builds on the floral traits of tiny Aji Charapita peppers from the Amazon. With pineapple, citrus, and tropical fruit undertones, it unleashes dynamic heat.

IT SAUCE Aji Charapita Hot Sauce is the spiciest of our hot sauces. A sauce for chicken, pork, vegetables, spicy margaritas or just the perfect gift for hot sauce lovers.
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Beyond Scoville scales, these ultimate hot sauces let natural flavors shine through distinct balances. Understanding their creative foundations can help anybody to unlock the real magic in the kitchen.

Versatile Uses for Dishes of All Types

IT SAUCE varieties deliver endless applications across cuisines and preparations. A few cool ways pros leverage their complex goodness are:

Marinades and Rubs

● Chicken, pork, or seafood marinades featuring Criolla or Charapita's bright acidity
● Rocoto sparks grill-ready rubs with cinnamon warmth
● No-sugar marinades boost meat and veggie moisture

Sauces and Dressings

● Criolla transforms tomatoes into robust pasta sauce
● Charapita lifts coleslaw with tropical zing
● Rocoto infuses honey-mustard sauce for glazed meats

Basting and Finishing

● Brimming soups earn depth from any sauce
● Criolla dresses simply sauteed greens
● Charapita brings a tropical flair to pork chops

Drink Enhancements

● Spicy cocktails glow with a pump of Rocoto
● Criolla mixes into refreshing, smoky aguas frescas
● Warm milk gets cozy with Charapita cinnamon

Above the sky’s the limit, I must suggest you play with blending sauces, too, or use them as you would basic hot sauces.

Recipes Featuring Signature Sauces

Now that the basics are clear, let's go through standout recipes benefiting from IT SAUCE specialty bottles:

1. Homemade Spicy BBQ Sauce: A real flavor bomb with Rocoto's warm spice and no added sugar. Blend tomato paste, vinegar, mustard, seasonings.

2. Chicken Soup with Criolla: Simmer chicken in broth with potatoes, carrots, and Criolla flair.

3. Pineapple-Charapita Tacos: Grill fish or pork with a bright glaze. Top soft shells with slaw and tropical heat.

4. Creole Shrimp and Grits: Saute shrimp in butter with Criolla, celery, and Creole seasoning. Pour over soft grits.

5. Chili-Rocoto Beef Stew: Braise stew meat with onions, chili, and a splash of Rocoto's deep chilies.

6. Watermelon-Mint Agua Fresca: Muddle mint in water with sliced melon. Pour over ice and stream Criolla for balance.

Explore more recipes on Recipes and let signature sauces take centerstage.

Tips for First-Time Hot Sauce Aficionados

New to hot sauce? Here are some pointers for enjoying IT SAUCE varieties like a seasoned pro:

● Start small - A few drops are plenty for discovery
● Use sauces as a condiment rather than cooking base
● Pair with rich, creamy, or starchy dishes for contrast
● Savor complexities instead of being overwhelmed by heat
● Drink water to refresh the palate between tastes
● Note favorite sauces, peppers, and balance profiles
● Re-explore over time as tolerance increases gradually

With practice and an open mind, you'll soon scale heat levels confidently while appreciating sophisticated flavor profiles. The collection will become your go-to addition.

Wrapping it Up

In a wrap, sauces from IT Sauce let rare peppers shine in each specialty bottle. Home chefs can take recipes to new heights with options like Criolla Hot Sauce, Rocoto Hot Sauce, and Aji Charapita Hot Sauce, and for sure, by understanding signature foundations and versatile uses. Explore unique recipes and heat levels at your own pace to join the ranks of hot sauce pros. Adventures in hot sauce and flavor have only just begun - don't be a stranger as your quest continues! Harness the magic of Criolla, Rocoto, and Aji Charapita to join the pros, and until next time - bon appetit!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How spicy are the IT SAUCE hot sauces?

The three featured sauces have different levels of heat:

● Criolla Hot Sauce has a medium heat level that is spicy but balanced.
● Rocoto Hot Sauce has a medium-high heat level and robust warmth.
● Aji Charapita Hot Sauce has a high heat level but is balanced with tropical fruit flavors. Start with a small amount to gauge your tolerance.

2. How do I store opened hot sauce bottles?

For optimal freshness, the store opened IT SAUCE bottles in the refrigerator. The vinegar base helps sauces last several months in the fridge after opening. Be sure to clean the lids and dry them thoroughly before replacing them.

3. Can IT SAUCE be used in cooking?

Yes, absolutely! While IT SAUCE varieties are perfect as condiments, their complex flavors also make them versatile cooking ingredients. Use sauces in recipes like rubs, marinades, braises, soups and more. Just be aware heat will intensify during cooking.

4. What dishes are the sauces best used for?

Some top suggestions are grilled meats and vegetables, tacos, pasta sauce, pizza, eggs, rice dishes, brothy soups, and stews. But truly, these sauces can elevate nearly any savory dish - get creative!
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