Here I am, just a trained chef who likes to wear denim, listen to depressing music and make food that tastes good. 
My name is Dan Fisher, but everyone has always called me "Fish". I graduated from the French Culinary School, Le Cordon Bleu against my parents' wishes; they preferred I study philosophy. My wife Jacqueline and I have a four year old daughter who looks forward to packing up orders every morning- so if your 'FRAGILE' stickers are a little crooked, take it up with her.

In 2020 when everything started shutting down, the company I worked for furloughed me for the entire summer. I started getting a little stir crazy and decided to do something I've always talked about doing; creating a killer hot sauce company. Nearly one year later, we got it just right and launched our first sauce, Criolla-Honey, on April 2nd, 2021. IT SAUCE is a collection of sauces that I could never find at the store but always wanted to cook with. I found myself making a version of these sauces because the dishes I cook are always calling for them. Now they're bottled and ready for the whole world to enjoy!