Homemade Fries with Sriracha-Pineapple Salt

Part of me is hesitant to share this recipe because I used to make them at a restaurant I ran a while back and always got tons of compliments. You need at least 12-24 hours to make these to plan accordingly!

Homemade Fries with Sriracha-Pineapple Salt

- 4 Russet Potatoes, cut into Fries
- A large bowl of cold water, enough to cover cut potatoes
- Sriracha-Pineapple Salt (SUMMER BOX) to taste.
- A Deep Fryer or enough oil in a pot to fry. (We used 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 beef tallow) 
- 1/2 Cup Mayo
- 1/2 Cup Sour Cream
- 1 Tbl Onion Powder
- 1-2 Tbl Buttermilk
- 1 Tbl IT SAUCE Charapita

1. Soak Potatoes in cold water for at least 12 hours, in the fridge.
2. Drain and pat completely dry.
3. Cook in oil at 215 degrees until tender. Remove and pat dry.
4. Raise your fryer oil to 365 Degrees.
5. Fry again, until golden brown.
6. Remove from the oil and quickly season with Sriracha-Pineapple Salt (so it will stick) and toss evenly in a bowl.
7. Mix Mayo, Sour Cream, Onion Powder, Buttermilk, Charapita, and Sriracha-Pineapple Salt to taste.
8. Plate up a large platter for friends and enjoy!

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