Rocoto Glazed Donuts

If you haven't made donuts at home before, you might want to give it a try. Our kindergartener had a great time rolling out the dough and using the cookie cutter to cut out the circles. We made the dough the night before we fried them, and kept the dough in the fridge over night until 2-3 hours before we wanted to enjoy them!

Dough Ingredients:
- 1 1/8 C Whole Milk
- 1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar
- One Packet Active Dry Yeast
- 3/4 Unsalted Butter
- 2 Eggs, beaten
- 4 Cup All-Purpose Flour
- 1 tsp Salt
- Coconut or Canola Oil, for frying

Glaze Ingredients:
- 2 Cups Powdered Sugar
- 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
- 2 Tbl Honey
- Milk for consistency

How to make donuts at home:
1. Bring 1 1/8 Cup of milk up to 110 degrees and add your packet of active dry yeast. 
2. Take Milk off the heat and add sugar and salt, stir to dissolve.
3. Slowly whisk melted butter into your beaten eggs.
4. Once your butter is incorporated into your egg mixture, slowly add the egg mixture to the milk mixture, whisking as you add.
5. Place your wet mixture into a stand mixer with a dough hook, and slowly add the flour until a dough ball forms. 
6. Remove from the stand mixer and do one of two things: If you are going to make the donuts within 3 hours, place in a covered and oiled bowl, leave on the counter. If you aren't going to make your donuts for a while, wrap the dough ball and place in the fridge. 
(If you are going to place in the fridge, just be sure to pull out and add to an oiled/covered bowl around 3 hours prior to frying.)
7. If you have a deep fryer, set the temp at 375. Or, place a large pot on the stove and bring up to 375, watching closely to keep around this temp.
8. Fry donuts for about 1-2 minutes per side, until desired golden brown. (If the inside isn't getting fully cooked, adding a hole in the middle will solve this issue).
9. Glaze donuts and enjoy!

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